Oncology Skincare

Experiencing cancer is life changing.  Many patients find themselves overwhelmed; others suffer discomfort from pain, skin dehydration, body image issues, sleep disruption or anxiety.

Oncology skin care offers comfort skin care treatments to those undergoing all phases of cancer. Each treatment is customized and relaxing, helping manage and improve the changes the skin undergoes during and after chemotherapy. We use non-toxic, unscented, and oncology skin care approved products.

The power of touch provides a feeling of relaxation and helps to rejuvenate your body.

Hydrate & Hug Facial (50 Minutes) $60

The Power of Touch (Hand, Foot and/or Scalp Treatment) (50 Minutes) $60

Heart of the Caregiver Facial (50 Minutes) $60

Natural Makeup Application $30
Recreates brows and gives color and glow to skin with healthy and non-toxic makeup products.

LED Light Therapy (15 minute session add-on) $25
Light emitting diodes has been shown in studies to reduce skin inflammation, minimize radiation dermatitis, and to be effective in pain attenuation. This treatment is not specific to oncology skin care and can be added to any facial.